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Rainforest Activity Kit

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Celebrate and discover the Rainforest!

This kit has a perfect mix of fun and learning, with art, crafts, sensory materials and science activities.  These projects are also designed to build fine motor skills in young children with activities like threading a jungle vine and pushing in nails through a paper tube to make a Rainstick.

This kit comes with written instructions for all the crafts: older kids age 6+ can most likely do these independently, while younger ages (3-5) will need some hands on support and supervision. 

Our Rainforest Kit includes the following:

  • Feather Necklace Craft. Materials include string, beads, pre-cut real leather rounds, small amount of tacky glue and feathers. 
  • Jungle Vine w/Spiral Snake Project with assorted material leaves, silk flowers, green jute string and pipe-cleaners, and a paper spiral snake to color, cut and attach to your jungle vine
  • A Slimy Frog mini-sensory bin.  Comes with 6 oz of homemade green slime and mix-ins including small frogs, foam leaves, green glass gems and river rocks (small glass dish needed from home). (Slime is not edible and contains small parts- please supervise your child while playing with this sensory bin) 
  • Everything you need to make your own Rainstick! Materials include paper tube, 25 1.25" nails*, dried rice and beans, tape, construction paper and rainforest animal stickers. The rainstick is made by pushing lots of nails into a paper tube (with pre-poked holes), then filling the tube with dried rice and beans. The tube is then taped up and decorated. (*Note: Supervision required for this activity. However, the nails are not sharp, and your kids will love feeling capable of using "real" materials. ) 
  • Layers of the Rainforest activity worksheets. Cut out the rain-forest animals and glue them into the layer where they live. 
  • How to Draw a Toucan worksheet with piece of white cardstock (requires pencil and crayons from home)
  • Lizard number puzzle with large craft sticks to cut and glue puzzle strips to

We prepare our kits in a clean environment and sanitize all possible surfaces before packaging. We use masks and lots of hand-sanitizer when completing our contact-less deliveries. 


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**Not for children under age 3. Includes small parts. Purchase at your own risk**


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