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Calm-Down Kit

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Do you need help staying composed and confident when your little one has BIG feelings? Have a plan and be ready to help your child grow emotionally with our Calm-Down Kit.

The kit is designed to help bring your child (best for preschoolers age 3-5) back to the present moment when they are upset, and is very similar to the kit we used in our preschool classroom. This kit is full of items that appeal to a child's senses (sight, smell, touch and sound) and their natural curiosity. 

We hope this tool will be helpful for you and your family as we all manage through this truly challenging time of CoVid-19 <3

What it Includes:

  • link to a blog post with simple directions for how to use this kit
  • magnetic sensory bottle with magnet wand
  • kaleidoscope
  • pinwheel and bubbles (for deep breaths)
  • laminated "feelings" photo
  • small fidget toy
  • dried lavender-filled sachet
  • frame of sequin flip fabric
  • bubble wrap (for popping!)
  • Laminated tracing page with dry erase pen 

How it Works:

This kit is informed by neuroscience and early childhood development concepts. Whenever a child is overwhelmed with emotion, and their stress response is activated-- i.e. their brain is in "fight or flight" mode and they are incapable of reasoning*-- they first need to be calmed down before any learning can happen.  When this happens for one of our students, we bring them to a special spot in the classroom with this group of items.

The items in the calm-down kit are designed to appeal to a child's senses to help bring them back into the moment, to be present and mindful of their inner self. A few of these items (the pinwheel and bubbles) also encourage the child to take deep breaths, an action that is proven to calm the mind and body. 

*Dr. Dan Siegel addresses this behavior in his book "The Whole-brained Child


Preparation & Delivery

Each kit is carefully prepared in a sanitary environment to keep your family safe. 

We ship to anywhere in the US. for $7.50, or free with orders over $50. Contact-less porch delivery available in Eugene/Springfield Oregon area.  

Fundraiser & Donation: $5 of every sale will go to support 90by30: a community-driven effort to reduce child abuse and neglect in Lane County 90% by the year 2030. Learn more here: Friends of 90by30.

You also have the option to pay for a kit, and we will donate it to a family in need through Eugene's Relief Nursery. Use discount code "DONATION" at checkout!

Thank you so much!!


Contains small parts, not for children under 3 years of age. Purchase at your own risk.

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