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He absolutely loves it

Eco Kids Palentine's Day Sign-Up Packet
Palatine cards

We loved this! Kenny was so excited to send and receive these. A great way to keto the community rolling.

Eco Kids Palentine's Day Sign-Up Packet

Great way to exchange Valentines during COVID. Plus my little guy is excited to get so much mail!

Eco Kids Palentine's Day Sign-Up Packet

Wonderful idea. Jack had so much fun getting his valentines cards together for other kiddos. He has been so excited to see them start coming in the mail already.

Eco Kids Palentine's Day Sign-Up Packet
So fun!

My daughter had fun making the Valentines and is excited to receive some in the mail from her new pen pals.

Eco Kids Monthly Kit: One-Time Purchase or Subscribe!

Lots of activities and links for context

We appreciated the many thoroughly prepared activities and the links to online educational resources to provide context for the kids. The water beads treasure hunt with the penguins and snowflakes definitely stole the show for my kids.

My Granddaughters Loved their Kits!

I subscribed for six months as gifts for our granddaughters. We also subscribe to “the other” crates for our granddaughters. So far the feedback I received from my children is that the echo kits are easier for the kids to actually engage with in the crafts are more developmentally appropriate for them to do. We will be continuing our subscriptions to echo kids!

Eco Kids Monthly Kit: One-Time Purchase or Subscribe!

I am so glad we decided to try this kit! I have three kids, ages 2-7, and all of them were entertained by this. The oldest especially loved getting to help and teach the younger two. It is full of stuff to do and learn! I love how neatly planned out everything is. We will definitely be getting a subscription for more!

My daughter’s sons were very excited about making the penguin puppet when the box arrived.. they are awaiting an opportunity to do the rest of the activities. Thanks for providing these exciting projects.

Engaging, fun, and educational!

All four of my kids ages 8, 6.5, 5, and 3 loved this kit. Having two of several of the activities was a fantastic way for siblings to work together while they were able to pursue what interested them most. These were developmentally appropriate for a wide variety of ages and had so much that was creative, fun, informational, and overall engaging! I love that almost all the supplies were included except for basics like scissors or glue that we had on hand. I'll be sharing about these kits with friends for sure!

Great activities with minimal adult assist!

We had so much fun doing the activities that came in our Eco Village box. We took the box to the coast with us for a break from the rain and chilliness. The video on polar bears was perfect while we warmed back up and my 4 year old had so much fun designing his polar bear. He was so proud that he had to FaceTime family to show them. My favorite activity was the water beads. Watching them grow led to discussions about how they work, then he had so much fun building on his fine motor skills while hunting for treasures in the water beads. He used his time to separate them by color while I was able to get dinner made. As a single parent, it can be difficult wanting to spend time with your child but also having things that need to get done. These activities allowed me to set him up at the kitchen table near me so we could talk about what he was doing while I also was able to work on my tasks. I will definitely be purchasing the next box that comes out!

Calm-Down Kit

Honestly, a bit disappointed, it's just a bunch on odds and ends that anyone has around the house....and weirdly, mine came with a lots of water all over the items??? Was expecting something more professional with perhaps some educational or usage idea materials.

Amazing! Everyone should do this.

These kits are incredible! This is our third one and my 3 year old always gets so excited when she knows it's time for one. The instructions are easy to follow and the activities are all so engaging. Even though my daughter is on the younger side of the age range, the activities are all open ended enough so she can participate and feel accomplished.

This particular kit included a water beads game. She loved it. The first day she literally sat at our kitchen counter for 4 hours and played different versions of the game Teacher Stacy had described. And the next day was about the same amount of time. Amazing. She even Facetimed my parents across the country to show them.

These ideas and supplies are simply invaluable - especially quarantining with a toddler. So glad we found Teacher Stacy and these kits!

Perfect for At-Home Learning

This is perfect for us. It gives us activities to do without having to worry about all the supplies and pre-work. It also gives a great launching point for supplemental activities in-line with the curriculum in the boxes. We loved it so much, we’ve extended our subscription for 6 more months!

We love these creative kits!

Both of my children, ages 5 and 7, absolutely LOVE their EcoKids activity kits. The activities are excellent, hands-on, and incorporate curriculum around the theme of each month. With school being remote, having these hands-on kits are especially important right now.

Great grandchild gift!

We bought these for our 6 & 10 year old grandchildren to try and break up their home schooling routine. They had previously done the Ocean themed boxes last year and love the creative Antarctica boxes this time. Well thought out and educational, all with a side of fun!


So glad I purchased the 9-month subscription for my 3.5 yo son. He loves the activities!!!

Eco Kids Monthly Kit: One-Time Purchase or Subscribe!

All About Me: A Special Back-to-School Kit
Wonderful Kits!

These kits were wonderful and creative for both my kids to start the school year! My 3 year old is obsessed with the name tracing page and has a new love for dry erase markers!!

My son loved it!

We are receiving monthly boxes as a gift for our toddler and got our first box during Chanukah. It was so cute! He loved making the shrinking Nutcracker ornament and putting stickers in his passport. We have played the dice game many times and he's getting really good at counting the number on spots. Now that the his daycare and the science museum and other activities are closed it's been a great addition to our indoor activities. Definitely recommend!

Not yet kid-tested

It looks wonderful, and we're anxious to share it with the great grandson. But because of quarantine, we haven't kid-tested it yet.

Fun and educational!

I've been sending these kits to my neices and nephews who are doing home and online school. They have loved them and their parents have appreciated the variety of new, fun activities!

Winter crafts

We absolutely LOVED this and would like to see if we could get a box regularly!