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Eco Kids Monthly Subscription Kit for Two (SIBLING KIT)

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The Eco Kids Monthly Sibling Kit solves all those tricky sharing situations at home if you have more than one kiddo between age 3 and 9 who is excitedly digging into an Eco Kids Kit each month. 

Without having to purchase another full kit and receive 2 boxes with 2 sets of everything, this bulked-up kit for siblings will come in one box and provide one set of instructions and will double up on most of the craft activities. See below for more details on what you will find inside.

What’s Inside January’s Monthly Kit FOR TWO:

  • Emperor Penguin Chick paper-bag puppet (2)

  • Frozen Ocean Water Bead Sensory Play (Large size)

  • Polar Bear (visiting from the North Pole!) Paper Plate craft (2)

  • Snowflake Process Art with patterns on cardstock, glue, salt, watercolor and eye-dropper (2 sets of cardstock patterns and 2 eye-droppers)

  • Life-Cycle of a Penguin mini-coloring book (2)

  • Snowflake Magnifying Glass Matching Game (1)

  • Ocean water density science experiment worksheet (1)

  • Animals of Antarctica worksheet with internet-linked videos (1)

Get a one-time kit for $55 or it drops to $49.50 when you sign up for a 3- or 6-month subscription. Pause or Cancel your subscription anytime! 


For Gift Purchases: 

Please be sure to include the shipping address of your gift recipient and you may also include a personalized note at check-out that will be included in the kit.


Upcoming Kit Calendar: 
  • January: Antarctica & Penguins
  • February: Asia & Lunar New Year
  • March: Africa & Deserts
  • April: Australia & Coral Reefs
  • May: South America & the Amazon
  • June: Summer Camp Theme #1
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